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Organic Soap Nuts

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Soap nuts are native to India and Nepal, and are a great alternative to traditional laundry detergent. The shell is the most valuable part since it contains the naturally occurring “saponins.”
Put 5-6 pieces in the large cotton muslin bag and throw into your washing machine with your laundry. They are best activated with warm or hot water. For cold wash cycles, place the bag of soap nuts in a small bowl with warm water for a few minutes to release the natural saponins. Then pour the liquid along with the bag of soap nuts into your washing machine. It will not produce suds or bubbles, but the saponins will naturally help free dirt and oils from clothing. They have a slight vinegary smell, no need to add any additional soaps.
They can be used multiple times and will be gray and mushy when it’s time to replace them. They are fully compostable!

Price is per ounce, 1 ounce is about 12 soap nuts. Shipped in compostable paper bag.

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